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Units Conversion and Dimensional Analysis. Fundamental & Derived SI Units, SI Units for Chemical Engineers, Conversion Factors, Temperature Scales, Density and Specific Gravity Units, Pressure Units, Energy Units, Dimensional Consistency, Dimensionless Quantities & Groups, Units and conversion tables. Calculations in Chemistry, The Basis, Limiting and Excess Reactants, Conversion, Yield and Selectivity, Mole & Mass Fractions, Average Molar Mass of Mixture, Other Concentration Units, Changing Concentration Units, Reactions in Parallel. Physical Properties and Gas Laws, Density, Specific Volume and Specific Gravity, Specific Heat Capacity, Mixture Specific Heat Capacity, Sensible and Latent Heat Effects, Phase Diagrams and Gibbs Phase Rule, Equations of State, Partial Pressure, Vapour Pressure and Antoine Equation, Henry’s Law and Raoult’s Law. Material Balance on Single-Stage Systems, Basic Principles, General Balance Equation, Non-Reacting Systems, Combustion Reaction Material Balances, Extent of Reaction. Material Balance on Multi-Stage Systems, Multiple Units with no Recycle, Recycle without Chemical Reaction, Recycle with Chemical Reaction, Material Balance Strategies.