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BHOS representative at international workshop

          Head of Quality Assurance Department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) Samira Musayeva made a presentation at the international workshop “Strengthening of Quality Control at Higher Education Institutions” organized by Azerbaijan Tourism and Management University (ATMU). Representatives from more than thirty national universities attended the workshop arranged within ATMU cooperation with European Union.


          In her presentation, BHOS representative highlighted activities carried out at the Higher School to strengthen quality control. Having told about successes achieved by BHOS in this sphere, Samira Musayeva provided detailed information about working process of, and procedures accepted by, the BHOS Quality Assurance Department. She emphasized that BHOS management pays special attention paid to the issues of strengthening of quality control and said that units for quality assurance set up at universities make overall positive impact on the educational process. Head of BHOS Quality Assurance Department Samira Musayeva also made recommendations on improvement in this field and answered questions.