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New Chairperson of BHOS Student Trade Union elected

          Student Trade Union of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) conducted second conference to elect a new Chairperson of the BHOS Student Trade Union. Dean of the Higher School Engineering department Zafar Gurbanov and Chairperson of BHOS Trade Union Organization, Head of the Student Relations department Habiba Sadigli participated in the conference.


          The candidates for the Chair, namely fourth-year Chemical Engineering student Zaur Mamedzadeh and third-year student Chemical Engineering student Vugar Gasanov presented their electoral programs. The third candidate, fourth-year Process Automation Engineering student Kamran Rzayev stood down.


          In the election, 354 students of the Higher School participated. SchpОтметим, что в нынешних выборах принимали участие 354 студента. As a result of secret voting, Zaur Mamedzadeh was elected a new Chairman of BHOS Student Trade Union by 242 votes.



          We congratulate Zaur and with him and his team every success in their activities!