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British Experts Administer Semester Examinations at Baku Higher School

Summer examination sitting is being held at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS).

Petroleum Engineering and Chemical Engineering undergraduate students sit examinations simultaneously on the same date and time (taking into account the time difference) with Heriot-Watt University students since they are studying based on the same curriculum. This method is practiced to prevent the student from exchanging the answers using online resources.

BHOS is the only national higher education institution where assessment of students’ knowledge is made by foreign university experts. The second and third year Petroleum and Chemical Engineering students will sit examinations on Process Industries, Process Engineering, Chemical Reactivity, Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 2, Mathematics for Engineers and Scientists 4, Foundations Engineering, Introduction to Petroleum Engineering and Mechanical Engineering 2.

HWU delegation including Kevin McCullough, Director of Teaching and Learning, Gillian Thomson, Director of Academic Quality, Patria Duncan, Teaching and Learning Manager, Alex Bell, Associate Director of Studies for Engineering and Irene Fox, EPS Student Support Adviser are invigilating the examination process. The answers are then sent to HWU, Edinburgh for review and assessment. This practice ensures fully transparent and unbiased assessment of the results.