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BHOS student Mahira Asadzada, whose speech before the President attracted great attention, says, "If you want to be a good engineer…"

          – Mahira, your speech at a solemn ceremony on celebrating two billion tons of oil production in Azerbaijan last week attracted great attention. How did you feel when speaking before the President of the country?

          – I was very proud that I made a speech on behalf of our Higher School at the Heydar Aliyev Centre on November 8 this year. As of today, I think of it as of the most exciting moment in my life. After that event, I realized that I made the right choice when I selected BHOS for study.


          – What can you say about Mahira Asadzada who earned 700 points at the entrance exams to those people who do not know her?

          – I was born in Baku on August 27, 1999. I went to a primary school №40 in the Lachin district. Then I studied at a secondary school №162 named after Ehtibar Aliyev in Baku and graduated from the school with honors this year. At the entrance exams to higher educational institutions for 2017/2018 academic year conducted by the State Examination Centre, I achieved the best result, earned 700 points and chose to study Process Automation Engineering at Baku Higher Oil School.  


          – Mahira, speaking at the ceremony, you said that your biggest dream is to work in oil industry and join SOCAR’s family. Probably, thousands of other young people have the same dream. What steps are necessary in order to make this dream true?

          – Indeed, many of us try to fulfill children’s dreams. I believe that any young person who wants to become a petroleum engineer should choose Baku Higher Oil School. Everything starts here. For example, the Higher School will help me to become a multi-skilled engineer. Moreover, we not only study at BHOS, we also gain practical knowledge of the industry.


          – Why have you chosen Baku Higher Oil School and what makes BHOS so special for you?

          – The Higher School provides students with unique opportunities. Education, which is free of charge at BHOS; lessons taught in English language; acquisition of theoretical knowledge alongside getting practical experience; opportunities for continuing education in foreign countries; and cooperation with transnational companies – all this together is available only at BHOS.


          – What motivates you most in your life?

          – The most thing that motivates me is the result of what I do. Even when the process lasts for a long time, the successful result of it can inspire me and increase my enthusiasm.


          – What would you advise those prospective students who need to select a higher educational institution?

           – I would like to tell them that they should choose a university, which definitely matches their wishes, and where they want to see themselves in the future. The higher educational institution of your choice should not just give you a diploma after four or five years of study; it shall also provide you with deep knowledge, experience and practical skills, and offer career opportunities. If you want to be a professional engineer, your best choice, of course, is the Baku Higher Oil School.