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"Baku Higher Oil School is the best way to success," says Jale Mamedova who earned 700 points

          – Jale, you can be proud of the best result you achieved at the entrance exams. Please tell about yourself.

          – I was born on July 10, 2000, in the Akhsu region. In 2006, I entered the secondary school №5 in Khirdalan town. I studied well and had good grades in all subjects. In 2017, I graduated from the school with the certificate with honors.


          – What achievement you are most proud of so far?

          – There many things in my life I can be proud of. In general, the year of 2017 has been very interesting and successful for me. Although I earned 695 points during the first round of the entrance exams in May, I decided to work even harder instead of being upset and disappointed. Then, in summer, I managed to earn 700 points and became a Presidential Scholar. I am most proud of this achievement. 


          – How did it happened that you selected BHOS?

          – Of course, after the exams I started looking for a higher educational institution where I could receive good education in my chosen field of study. Then I learned that BHOS is the only place where I could get everything I needed including study in English, dual diploma, participation in internship and opportunities for employment after graduation. So, it did not take long for me to make a decision. Now I am a member of the Higher School family. I believe, it is good that I selected BHOS on my way to future success.


           – Your achievements have proved that you can achieve your goals. Please tell, what is necessary for a student to succeed?

           – In my view, when we pursue a goal, the most important thing for everyone is the family support. Good friends and supportive teachers also help us to make right steps. Thus, I think that any student who wants to pursue his goal needs to seek advice from his family. 


           – We all need motivation to move onward. Who and what gives you the motivation?

           – I am most motivated by the emotions I feel after I have achieved a success. It is a great pleasure to see the fruits of your efforts and see your family happy and pleased with your achievements. 


           – Certainly, many prospective students will read your interview. What would you advise them?

           – Indeed, prospective students often ask me questions, and I always tell them the same thing. I am sure that every prospective student shall learn whether the higher education institution of his choice meets his expectations. The first step on the way to success starts from the university that best suits your interests. As for me, I am happy to start my way to profession at BHOS.