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Baku Higher Oil School launches electronic education management system

         A presentation on applying a new electronic learning system was held at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). Rector of the Higher School Elmar Gasimov, academic and administrative staff attended the event. The presentation was made by mathematics teacher of BHOS Petroleum Engineering department Tural Abdullayev.


         During the presentation, Mr. Abdullayev talked about benefits of the system aimed at improving and optimizing the daily performance of the BHOS. Due to the system’s innovations, a waste of time will be greatly prevented and human labor will be significantly reduced, so the process of errors will be minimized. The system will have an easier control options over activities and processes.


          Tural Abdulayev said that with help of the new system, the work of BHOS administration would be optimized, adding that instead of administrative workers, the system itself will develop transcripts, references, diploma supplements, lesson registration and schedule of scores. The new system will also guide users by incorporating information about student data, student ticket, student tourniquet notes, student exams and scholarships.


          It shall be noted that the e-learning system will enable BHOS management to conduct surveys amongst students, which will help the Higher School provide quality education, improve learning system, and solve problems that may arise.


          The system is intended not only for BHOS employees, but also for the students. The system will help students have an access to library registration, searching and ordering necessary books, getting syllabuses, registering exams, dormitory registration etc.


         The new e-learning system was highly appreciated by BHOS management, and it will be launched in the nearest future.