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Famous international journal published scientific article of BHOS teacher

            A scientific article of Samin Malik, a teacher at the Petroleum Engineering department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), has been published in the Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems, one of the most influential scientific magazines of the world. The article, published on January 24, is entitled "Necessary First- and Second-Order Optimality Conditions in Discrete Systems with a Delay in Control". The article highlights the newest method applied to the "Euler-type necessary optimality conditions and the linearized discrete maximum principle" for the solution of modern engineering and economic optimization problems.  



           Optimization problems in discrete systems as one of the priority research areas of modern mathematics are of great importance in determining an affordable working principle of new multifunctional technology and in optimal managing of delayed or bounded bank payments by their mathematical models.



           The Journal of Dynamical and Control Systems is one of the 25 most authoritative scientific magazines in the world in the field of Control and Optimization. The journal closely cooperates with international publisher Springer, provides researchers in with quality content through innovative information, products and services. The Editorial Board of the magazine consists of professors from the US, France, and Italy. The journal is also a member of the world-famous SCOPUS, SciSearch, INSPEC, and ZentralblattMath.



           BHOS teacher Samin Malik received his Master degree in Pure Math and Mathematical Logic at the University of Manchester (Great Britain). Currently, he works on his Ph.D in Optimal Control under the guidance of Misir Mardanov, a professor at the Institute of Mathematics and Mechanics of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences.