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Young Ambassadors Program presented at BHOS

National Assembly of the Youth Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (NAYORA) presented its Young Ambassadors Program at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). The program, which is implemented with organizational support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Azerbaijan, aims at formation of a special group of young people who are capable and worthy to represent Azerbaijan in the international arena decently.


Head of the Young Ambassadors Program, Secretary for International Relations of NAYORA Ilhama Gasimzadeh made a presentation at the meeting, which gathered about 100 BHOS undergraduates. At the beginning, a video about the program was shown. Ilhama Gasimzadeh told about the project objectives, tasks, strategy and rules of participation. As she informed, those Higher School’s students participating in the program will gain deeper knowledge about political, social, economic and cultural life of the country.


The first phase of the project encompasses an educational program. Then the participants apply the knowledge in practice while being involved in simulation games and master classes and attending meetings with diplomats. This will help them gain first-hand experience and practical skills. During the final stage, future young ambassadors will participate in a number of important international events. Their activities will expand Azerbaijani youth’s world representation and, thus, contribute to achieving the program objectives.


Participants of the Young Ambassadors program are selected through interviews. Those young people who actively participate in the project implementation are awarded with special certificates and letters of recommendation.