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BHOS students earning 700 points at entrance exams passed first midterms

           All seven prospective students who earned 700 points during the entrance exams in the 1st group of specialities last year chose to study at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). Like other first-year BHOS students, they participate in the Higher School’s Foundation Program, which consists of two compulsory courses, namely English language and Information and Communications Technology (ICT). It is designed to provide students with all the necessary skills and knowledge to prepare them for the undergraduate study at BHOS, which sets high requirements to the students. After successful passing IELTS and ICT exams, the undergraduates continue their education in the chosen specialty.


           Those young people who became best of the best during the entrance exams are always in the focus of public attention. Today, we offer data on the results achieved by these students during their very first mid-term exams.


  • Jale Mamedova (Chemical Engineering) – 96 points (“A” in both subjects)  


  • Vahab Jebrayilov (Process Automation Engineering) – 96 points (“A” in both subjects)


  • Elmir Akhmedov (Process Automation Engineering) – 95 points (“A” in both subjects)


  • Gabil Aliyev (Chemical Engineering) – 93 points (“A” in both subjects)


  • Khalida Aliyeva (Process Automation Engineering) – 93 points (“A” in both subjects)


  • Mahira Asadzadah  (Process Automation Engineering) – 89 points (“A” and “B”)


           Abdulla Askerzadeh who also earned 700 points at the entrance exams was admitted as second-year Process Automation Engineering student, as he demonstrated excellent English language skills and ICT knowledge. At the winter exams, Abdulla received high marks, too: History of Azerbaijan – “A” (99 points), Mathematics – “A” (93 points), Azerbaijani language and Rhetoric courses – “A” (92 points), Programming and computer applications – “A” (91 points), Physics – “A” (91 points), and Applications of ICT in Engineering – “A” (96 points).