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BHOS students will work at SOCAR Turkey

          Delegation of representatives of management of SOCAR Turkey Group of Companies (SOCAR Turkey) visited Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) and met with the Higher School students. The main purpose of the meeting was to introduce the company Student Internship Program and New Graduate Engineering Program. The presentation of the programs was delivered by Head of SOCAR Turkey Human Resources department Dinar Mammadova, Deputy Head of Administration department of STAR Refinery Elnur Mammadli, HR Manager of Petkim company Behruz Babayev and other members of the delegation.


           Opening the meeting, BHOS rector Elmar Gasimov expressed his gratitude to SOCAR Turkey Energy Director General Zaur Gahramanov, Dinar Mammadova and the company management for their attention and to, and confidence in, the Higher School and its students. The rector said that last year nearly 30 BHOS graduates were employed by STAR Refinery of SOCAR Turkey company in Izmir and emphasized that he would like to see this initiative becoming an annual event. 


           Head of SOCAR Turkey Human Resources department Dinar Mammadova made a presentation and demonstrated a video featuring the company activities and projects. Then she provided detailed information about New Graduate Engineering program and the Student Internship program, which includes two-month on-the-job training at SOCAR Turkey facilities. Dinar Mammadova also told about stages of the selection process and the requirements, which successful applicants should meet. As she informed, the students applying to either program will take various tests including tests of knowledge of English language and other disciplines. At the final stage, interviews will be held with those candidates who successfully passed the tests.


            Deputy Head of Administration department of STAR Refinery Elnur Mammadli provided an overview of SOCAR work in Turkey including crude oil refining operations carried out by STAR Refinery and advanced technologies used in the production process. He also told about professional development and career growth opportunities that the company offers to young specialists.


             Speaking at the meeting, Amail Mammadova and Adil Babayev, who graduated BHOS with Bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering last year, shared their work experience as engineers of STAR Refinery and provided practical advices and recommendations to the students.


              The meeting concluded with questions and answers session.