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Baku is the best place for «Expo-2025»

           Baku, which has gained enormous experience in organizing various international industry, social, cultural and sports events, plans to host one more global event, namely Expo 2025. Azerbaijan is participating in the bidding process and has been included into the candidates’ list by the Bureau International des Expositions (BIE). An Expo is a global event that aims at educating the public, sharing innovation, promoting progress and fostering cooperation.


            The theme proposed by Azerbaijan for World Expo in 2025 is "Developing human capital, building a better future," which not only is important for the country, but also is of global importance and of universal concern. It proves that the leadership of the Azerbaijan Republic pays close attention to human capital development, which gives people the opportunity to improve their technological and personal qualities, and recognizes the World Expo as a prestigious global event bringing the whole world together to find solutions to a fundamental challenge of humanity. 


             Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) has developed special Plan of Actions in support of Azerbaijan’s candidacy for conducting Expo 2025. According to the Plan, steps will be taken to raise the Higher School staff and students’ awareness and inform international partner companies and organizations about this initiative. In addition, printed and visual materials will be produced to highlight Baku's proposal to host the World Expo 2025.


             The management, professors, teachers and other staff members of the Higher School are confident that Baku is the best place for the World Expo 2025. Azerbaijan successfully implements the strategy on turning the oil capital into human capital developed by the President Ilham Aliyev.  Baku Higher Oil School is one of the bright examples of the state policy in this field aimed at the development of potential of talented and goal-oriented young people. In accordance with international standards, BHOS prepares highly qualified English speaking engineers who are able to meet the most serious challenges of the economic development of the country.