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Tofig Mukhtasarov: "I was aiming for Baku Higher Oil School"

         The State Examination Center has recently announced the results of the higher education entrance examinations conducted for Groups I and IV. We are pleased to present an interview with Tofig Mukhtasarov, a graduate of the Technical and Natural Sciences Lyceum in Sumgayit, who scored maximum points during the entrance exam (400), having accumulated a total of 665 points, in compliance with the results of  Group I.


  • What is your impression of the entrance exams?
  • Compared with the last year’s entrance exam questions, this year they were more complicated. The tasks in Physics were particularly thorny, whereas the Maths and Chemistry were much easier. Majority of the prospective students whom I know scored low points in Physics as the questions were more challenging. In general, a set of questions designed this year required more thoughtfulness.


  • What should prospective students focus on to achieve good results during the entrance examinations?
  • First of all, to study systematically and consistently and manage time effectively. In addition, prospective students should peruse study materials systematically and comprehend the content adequately. It is crucial not to overload your brain while reading materials. The materials are digested easier when the brain is considerably less swamped.


  • What resources did you learn about Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) from?
  • My personal connections played their critical role. The BHOS students whom I know in person were praising high-quality education offered by the Higher School. Encouraged by them, I decided to score high points and apply to Baku Higher Oil School.


  • Why would you like to give preference to Baku Higher Oil School?
  • I would like to study in English. BHOS offers high quality education in English and, in addition, I am aware of a double degree diploma programme applied at the Higher School, moreover, BHOS is partnering with large companies like BP and SOCAR. The Higher School creates an impression of offering promising prospects for my further education and professional growth. I am thinking about petroleum and chemical engineering and information security specializations. I have made a firm decision to study at BHOS, though have not yet selected a precise specialization.


  •  What are your goals for the future?
  •    My major goal now is to earn a bachelor’s degree in English at BHOS, then I have plans to continue my education with a Master’s degree overseas.