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Baku Higher Oil School hosts next TEDxBHOS conference

         Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) hosted a TEDxBHOS conference of the world famous TED project. The event took place in the Congress Hall of BHOS. The conference, the main mission of which is “Ideas Worth Spreading,” was attended by representatives of various fields and universities.


         The main goal of the conference is to change the way of thinking of the society in a positive way and to develop people's mindset for the better.


          In addition, the conference will provide students and representatives of the local community with the opportunity to more rationally distribute their time and to meet new people who come up with useful and innovative ideas through effective presentations.


          Speaking at the conference, Rector of Baku Higher Oil School Elmar Gasimov greeted all the guests participating in the TEDxBHOS conference organized by BHOS students.


          He emphasized that the conference was organized under a license from the non-profit organization TED.


          Then, the rector congratulated the students on holding this international event for the second time.


           “The conference agenda is very busy. The people who have achieved success in various fields will make interesting presentations at today's event. I believe that this event, organized thanks to the great work done over a long time by BHOS students, with the assistance of Baku Higher Oil School, will be very fruitful not only for students, but also for conference participants.”


           Then, six conference speakers made interesting innovative and motivational presentations.


           Among the conference speakers were the creator of the popular ZehinX platform Fuad Aliyev; Financial Risk and Treasury Coordinator at SOCAR Turkey Ali Agaoglu; Digital and Traditional Communications Manager at BP Turkhan Ahmedov; Marketing Director at Benish GPS Azerbaijan Turkan Farzalieva; Deputy Director at the Center for Contemporary Psychology, counseling psychologist Aida Nabiyeva; Manager at EY Azerbaijan Kenul Melikova.


            They made presentations on the topics: “The ability to be universal: The secret of unlimited capabilities”, “A family tree and its roots”, “To be engaged in charity, indecision”, “Economics 2.0”.


            TEDx is an international project of the private non-profit foundation TED, which holds annual conferences on relevant topics in various countries, cities, universities and communities. TED conferences are held twice a year. The first TED conference took place in 1984.


             TEDx conferences were created in the spirit of the TED mission “Ideas Worth Spreading”. TED conferences invite the world’s leading thinkers and doers to speak for 18 minutes or less. In their speeches, they must promote ideas that are valuable not only for the present, but also for future generations.


             The TEDx program is designed to encourage public associations, institutions and individuals to participate in negotiations and establishing connections. Each individual can individually organize a TEDx conference in the city where he/she lives or educational institution where he/she studies.


            Since last year, BHOS students have been organizing TEDxBHOS conferences under a TED license.