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Synergy Scientific Discussions Club holds its next seminar

             Synergy Scientific Discussions Club held its next seminar at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS).  .


             The event was attended by BHOS teachers and students.


              At the seminar, the Club’s Scientific Coordinator, Professor of the BHOS Petroleum Engineering Department Fuad Valiyev made a report entitled “Science and religion”.


               Fuad Valiyev spoke about the religious and scientific stereotypes existing in the society. He emphasized the importance of holding regular discussions to debunk these stereotypes. The professor also stressed the importance of distinguishing between religious and fanatical concepts.


                The seminar ended with questions/answers session and discussions on the topic.


                Synergy Scientific Discussions Club was created at Baku Higher Oil School with the aim of informing students, teachers, young scientists and specialists about the exact and human sciences, new technological advances, current problems, prospects,  encouraging their participation in scientific and practical discussions and research work, inculcating creative skills in them, and forming the culture of making presentations and holding discussions in them.


                  As part of the Club’s activities, leading scientists, local and foreign experts, heads of enterprises and institutions make presentations on relevant topics, discussions and round tables are held, students make presentations on scientific, technical and humanitarian issues, students’ research activities are discussed, and information is exchanged.