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Mehmet Karaca: 'I believe that Baku Higher Oil School will very soon make itself known in the region'

          A delegation from Istanbul Technical University (ITU) headed by the ITU Rector Prof. Mehmet Karaca visited Baku at the invitation of Rector of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) Elmar Gasimov. During the visit, business meetings were held with the BHOS leadership and teaching staff, as a result of which a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between BHOS and ITU.


We present to your attention an interview with Rector of Istanbul Technical University Prof. Mehmet Karaca.



- First of all, we would like to know your impressions of Baku?


- This is my fourth visit to Baku. Every time I come to Baku, I discover this city from a completely new perspective. Baku harmoniously synthesizes in itself the atmosphere of a thousands-years-old ancient city and modernity. It is this aspect of the city that impresses me most of all. Wide streets, civilized and smiling people also give the city unforgettable splendor. I think that the next time I come to Baku, I will again discover this city from a new perspective.


- What makes Istanbul Technical University successful?


- Istanbul Technical University is one of the oldest and most prestigious technical universities in Turkey, with a history of about 247 years. A serious university tradition has been formed in ITU. Istanbul Technical University can serve as a model for next-generation universities. Thus, our university tops the list of advanced higher education institutions that adapt most quickly to global trends and are most open to innovation. Istanbul Technical University also owes its popularity to those of its graduates who became famous influential persons in Turkey. Among ITU alumni there are heads of well-known companies, as well as outstanding personalities who played an important role in the socio-political life of Turkey and had a serious influence on the formation of the worldview of the Turkish people, such as Suleiman Demirel, Turgut Ozal, Nejmettin Erbakan. In addition, our university plays an important role in training construction contractors in Turkey: 8 out of 10 contractors are our graduates.


- How do you assess the conditions created for studying at Baku Higher Oil School?


- First of all, I want to say that it is a great honor for me to be in Baku Higher Oil School. I was very pleased with the hospitality of all your employees, especially the rector Elmar Gasimov. Therefore, I want to express my gratitude to all the staff of the school, especially to your leadership. I want to especially note that Baku Higher Oil School has incredibly developed over 8 years. Your school, as a higher education institution, has achieved great success in a very short time. Most importantly, I was impressed by the team of High School. The people in this team have global thinking and vision. I saw a strong faith in the future in the eyes of all BHOS employees, including the rector, and felt that they were open and enthusiastic about innovation and development. Higher School has great goals and expectations. I think that thanks to its inexhaustible enthusiasm, the BHOS team will achieve these goals. BHOS, which meets international standards, plays an important role in training advanced engineering personnel for Azerbaijan.I believe that Baku Higher Oil School will very soon make itself known in the region.


- In what direction will Istanbul Technical University cooperate with Baku Higher Oil School?


- Naturally, the main area of our cooperation will be engineering. In addition, we plan to carry out works in the fields of information technologies and artificial intelligence.


So far, we have identified three directions for cooperation:


- To form the “Computer Engineering” specialty at Baku Higher Oil School and to work out all the details regarding the implementation of this specialty.


- To expand opportunities for cooperation in areas such as the development and implementation of joint projects, student exchange, etc.


- To create a Startup Center  for a Tech-Park.