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6 more undergraduate students of Baku Higher Oil School get employed

       5th year students of the Chemical Engineering Department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) Javid Mammadli, Fidan Guliyeva, Javid Majidov, Faig Hajibalayev, Arzu Abdullayeva and 5th year student of the Petroleum Engeneering Department of BHOS Elgun Yusifov were hired by the international oil and gas company Technip FMC as junior process engineers.


       These students are winners of the project “Master’s programme on conveying technological knowledge to students studying in the oil, gas and petrochemical fields”, implemented in the framework of the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the Heydar Aliyev Foundation and and the company Technip FMC.


      As part of the project, these students underwent specialization training abroad. Faig Hajibalayev, Fidan Guliyeva and Javid Majidov attended specialization courses in Rome (Italy),  Javid Mammadli and Arzu Abdullayeva - in Lyon (France), Elgyun Yusifov - in Bergen (Norway).


     During their training these students undertook an internship in respective fields:  Javid Mammadli and Arzu Abdullayeva - in the field of Green Technologies; Faig Hajibalaev, Fidan Guliyeva and Javid Mejidov -  in areas related to the oil refining industry; Elgyun Yusifov - in the field of underwater technology.


      Despite the fact that the duration of the two-month specialization courses was reduced to one month due to the global coronavirus pandemic, the students successfully completed these courses and acquired the necessary knowledge and skills.


     Given the successful completion of the training by the students, Technip FMC decided to hire them.


     Note that the headquarters of Technip FMC are located in London, Paris and Houston.