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MBA students of Baku Higher Oil School excel in Business Strategy Game

       Students of the Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) excelled in Business Strategy Game, conducted on a global online platform.


       The MBA students demonstrated their business skills on the platform in the subject “Production and Operations Management” taught by instructor Emin Ilyas.


       A total of about 48,000 students from 494 different universities in 52 countries are using this platform.


       In the online game organized for students on a global platform, student teams make decisions and manage companies based on various aspects of the business. The companies represented by the teams exhibit performances and score points based on the following four criteria: Overall Score, EPS (Earnings Per Share), ROE (Return on Equity) and Stock Price.


       This week, the team Eelze, consisting of first-year students of the MBA programme of Baku Higher Oil School, took 13th place among the universities of the world in terms of ROE. The members of the team are Tunzala Imanova (captain), Mirish Fattayev, Eltun Alekperli and Firuza Safarli.


       The online platform Business Strategy Game organizes simulation games for students from different universities in the world. During the game, students create their own companies, manage the business, and overcome difficulties. By participating in such games, students learn to conduct business in conditions as close as possible to real ones, which helps them develop managerial skills.