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BHOS students become winners of 'Introduction to Cybersecurity' training project

The team of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), consisting of five students (Ali Askarli, Jamal Muradov, Shams Gezalov, Vusal Alekperov, Huseyn Gambarov), took part in the training project "Introduction to Cybersecurity" implemented by the Institute of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan.


The BHOS team presented the project “First Bug Bounty platform for Azerbaijan” to the final. Based on the results of the training, the BHOS team’s project took the first place and the project manager Vusalya Alekberova was named the Best Student.  At the same time, the project "First Bug Bounty platform for Azerbaijan" was selected as the Best Project among four projects.


Education Minister Emin Amrullayev and representatives of the Presidential Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan expressed a high opinion of the project.


The goal of the training project "Introduction to Cybersecurity" is to teach students studying at various universities in Azerbaijan theoretical knowledge and practical skills in the field of cybersecurity, including modern tactics, methods and procedures for combating cybercrime.


These trainings were conducted by the Institute of Education as part of a 6-month project that was implemented with the mentoring support of two young people who were studying and working abroad under the state program, as well as with the participation of local and foreign instructors.


Along with the main aspects of cybersecurity, the trainings included such modules as "Web Application Security", "Infrastructure Security", "Ethical Hacking", "Social Engineering", "Cryptography", "Malware", "Fundamentals of Mobile and Wireless Networks".