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Shaig Mamishov, Presidential Scholarship holder: 'Baku Higher Oil School was my own choice'

Shaig Mamishov, Presidential Scholarship holder:

"Baku Higher Oil School was my own choice".

Mamishov Shaig Pasha was born in Muradkhan village, Kurdamir in 1997. In 2003-2014 he studied at the secondary school named after Mamish Abdullayev in Muradkhan village. Graduating with distinction from the secondary school in 2014, he was registered in Process Automation Engineering programme of Baku Higher Oil School scoring 685 points at the university recruitment exams held by the State Students Admission Commission and was awarded the Presidential Scholarship.

1. Shaig, being one of the Presidential Scholarship holders with high entrance score we suppose that you were quite a successful student at school as well.

- Since my childhood I always had a deep interest in science. I have successfully graduated the secondary school. When I was the 11th grade student, I took part in the Regional Mathematics Olympiad and won the 1st place. I was admitted to Process Automation Engineering programme of Baku Higher Oil School with 685 entrance score.

2. What can you say about the admission exams, what were your impressions prior to and after the exam?

- I was really excited about the exam, especially while waiting for the results. I hoped to achieve 700 points and become eligible for the Presidential Scholarship. First, I learned about my score, then the higher school I was admitted to and finally, found out that I was awarded the Presidential Scholarship. The latter two made me really happy.

3. What should a prospective university student do in order to achieve over 600 points entrance score and how should one make the right choice of the relevant specialization? What was your reason for choosing this specialization and Baku Higher Oil School, and what were your targets while making your choice?

- As the results of my mock exams were becoming higher, I was getting more excited day-by-day. All my family, friends and teachers were also expecting high results from me which encouraged me and increased my enthusiasm. My advice to prospective students is to be specifically responsible during their studies. As to the specialization choice, bearing in mind the priority of the education quality, they should always make the choice corresponding to their competencies, knowledge and wish. They can also get some advice from their parents in this regard, as my parents' blessing was of high importance for me. They have had a great role in the success I've achieved. But the responsibility of making last and the most important decision lies on your shoulders. Baku Higher Oil School was my own choice. I was mainly attracted by the quality of the education here and the language of instruction, which is English. Thus, I was confident that I can successfully continue my higher education at this higher school. And I was right.

4. What factors influenced you in deciding to become a future engineer?

- The special role of sciences in this field and my deep interest in engineering played an important role in making my decision. I love mathematical and applied sciences and I think that the best practical application of mathematical and applied sciences appears in engineering, that's why I decided to become an engineer. I do wish to complete my education at Baku Higher Oil School successfully, develop and become a professional engineer. I wish to make a special contribution to the petroleum sector of Azerbaijan and hold one of the leading positions.

5. What are your recommendations to the prospective university students wishing to study at BHOS? How do you find the education here?

- Those who are intending to study at BHOS should study hard. Because entering BHOS is not the finish line, on the contrary, it is the beginning of a dynamic, social and cultural life as well as advanced and high quality education. You should have a strong mind and good knowledge of sciences. Besides you should be hard-working and smart. The education level is really very high here. Each single student who will graduate from BHOS will be the most demanded engineer who meets the European standards.

6. What are your future plans including the career?

- My main goals are to improve my English language skills, graduate BHOS with distinction and become a professional engineer with a good career in the relevant petroleum sector of Azerbaijan.