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"It is proud to study at top-rated higher education school of Azerbaijan"

Presidential Scholarship Ramziya Elnur Garazade:

"It is proud to study at top-rated higher education school of Azerbaijan".

Ramziya Elnur Garazade was born on July 30, 1996, in Baku. In 2003 started primary school, studied at Technical and Humanitarian College and "Ankara Mektebi" high school. Whereas in 2014 after graduating secondary school successfully scored 687 points during the student admission exams and was admitted to the programme of Process Automation Engineering of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS).

1. Ramziya, being one of the Presidential Scholarship holders with high entrance score we suppose that you were quite a successful student at school as well ...

- Well, I won the 1st place in the school Math Contest in 2007 and 2008. In 2012 and later in 2014, at the both Environmental Protection 6th and 8th International Project Olympiads (INEPO) I won the 2nd place and was awarded with a silver medal. At the essay contest "Nizami Ganjavi - 870" I was rewarded with the 3rd place and at the essay contest "January 20 is the history of heroism of our nation" and dedicated to the 24th anniversary of tragedy of Black January 20 I was awarded the Diploma of distinction. In 2014, I held 4th place in the essay contest "Haydar Aliyev – 91".

2. What can you say about the admission exams, what were your impressions prior to and after the exam?

- Of course, I was excited. Though I had studied hard and scored high points during the mock exams, I was still worrying and feeling doubtful. 5 or 10 minutes after the exam as got acquainted with the questions I calmed down. I was too sorry that the 2 questions I answered wrong, were from the part that I knew best of all but then believed that it was my destiny. When I knew about my Presidential Scholarship and my faculty and institution I have admitted, I relaxed and was happy that those lost 13 points out of 700 could have never been a barrier to my dreams.

3. What should a prospective university student do in order to achieve over 600 points entrance score and how should one make the right choice of the relevant specialization?

- Prospective students should work hard, complete all tasks given by teachers, usually stay away from all of fun and mainly should be determined to score more than 600 points. The point is they should wish to score high and believe in it. During choosing a specialty it will be helpful to get advice from their parents and elder ones and do not forget about their skills and competencies and the needs of modern world.

4. What was your reason for choosing this specialization and Baku Higher Oil School, and what were your targets while making your choice?

- I am too interested in sciences and programming. Since my school hood I dreamed to learn deeply computer and software programs. When I was in the 11th grade, my teachers recommended me entering to BHOS and I found out myself information about this higher education institution. Taking into account the fact such as providing education in English and complying with all international standards I and my family felt confident in my choice that BHOS is the very right place to study and for future development.

5. Generally, sciences and engineering are said to be popular among male students. What do you think about it and what aroused you interest in this field?

- I have never showed interest in being a teacher or a doctor which is mostly popular choice for the female students. I have always thought that there is no such rule that distinguishes male and female in the choice of specialization. As I mentioned before, my interest in computer programs inspired me to make such choice.

6. What are your recommendations to the prospective university students wishing to study at BHOS? How do you find the education here?

- Those who wish to study at BHOS should study hard and consider the challenges they will face after the admission. Studying here is both hard and interesting. Personally, I enjoy overcoming these challenges because I believe that each challenge leads up to a great success. Baku Higher Oil School focused on training highly qualified, English speaking and at the same time very smart and intellectual engineers. I am so proud of being the future engineer and studying at the top-rated higher education institution of Azerbaijan.

7. What are your future plans including the career?

- I don’t like planning for the future, but I always do my best for great future success. My main goal is to become the master of my area of specialization. I am planning to work at one of the international branches of SOCAR or at the other international oil and gas companies and make outstanding contributions to my work.