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Seminar on Renewable Energy: Challenges and Perspectives to be held at BHOS

According to the order of Rector of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) Elmar Gasimov the seminar on Renewable Energy: Challenges and Perspectives will be regularly held at BHOS with the purpose of dissemination of contemporary knowledge on renewable energy engineering and ensuring information exchange amongst specialists.


The seminar’s further activity will be closely connected with BHOS Training and Research Center on Renewable Energy Engineering serving as the platform for the specialists involved in appropriate fields of science, education as well as representatives of enterprises using production technology facilities for the use of renewable energy sources (RES) available in Azerbaijan and abroad.   


In compliance with the order of BHOS Rector, Professor from BHOS Petroleum Engineering Department Doctor of Science (Physics and Mathematics) Siyavush Azakov was appointed as the scientific supervisor of the seminar. The programme of the seminar meetings will be organized taking into account the specialists’ thematic suggestions and the titles of the presentations submitted by them. Broad view exchange and open discussions are envisaged to be held during the mentioned meetings.


The problems which will be discussed on the seminar will include but not be restricted with: the legislative basis related to the use of RES, the appropriate technologies and global practice in this respect, development of manuals for students, software connected with the use of RES, ecological and economical aspects of such use in Azerbaijan. Special focus will be on the application of energy saving technologies.


Organizers of the seminar take interest in engaging of representatives of the relevant bodies  and various specialists in the work of the seminar. To make this real, information gathering on the potential participants of the seminar is under way along with researching their participation opportunities at the seminar.


Everyone willing to join the meetings of the mentioned seminar as presenters or listeners are kindly requested to send their complete resumes, including family name, name, father’s name, education background, scientific title, affiliation, occupation, his or her participation status at the seminar, convenient time for seminar sessionss, email address, mobile and office phone numbers to the following email by 20th June, 2016: