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BP is one of the close partners of BHOS. Cooperation with the company started in November 2013 and encompasses wide scope of activities such as sharing expertise experience with students, enriching BHOS library and offering internship opportunities for students. Every academic year senior managers or technical specialists of BP organize presentations and workshops on various topics for our students. At the same time, our students take internship at various BP facilities which enables them to put their theoretical knowledge into practice.

Together with SOCAR and other relevant public authorities, BP has been working on long-term strategy directed to educating national specialists in petroleum sector of Azerbaijan. According to this strategy, the government and BP is interested in involving Azerbaijani specialists in various projects and operations. Thus, cooperation between BHOS and BP is of great significance.
























Equinor is the main coordinator for establishing collaboration between BHOS and HEIs of Norway. Bilateral partnership also includes the agreement on organizing internship programmes for our students at Statoil facilities operating both in Azerbaijan and Norway, and in future, senior students will have the opportunity to enjoy it.























TOTAL experts regularly make presentations and organize a number of workshops and trainings covering various topics such as oil and gas extraction, transportation and processing, etc. for BHOS students. TOTAL will also offer internship opportunities for senior students at its facilities and structures.  























One of the leading directions in cooperation with Microsoft-Azerbaijan is considered to be establishment of Microsoft Academy and Certiport at BHOS in 2014-2015 academic year. Students studying at the Academy may select to join either Essential (basic) or Advanced (for professionals) level courses, or join both of them. Essential level envisages the use of Microsoft Office program package for personal computers and notebooks. Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) international certificate is granted to students involved in studies at Microsoft Academy after completion of essential level trainings. Advanced level encompasses technical support for training IT specialists and personal computers and notebooks, administrating computer systems, networks and databases and complex program package and basis preparation within diverse surroundings. In accordance with gained knowledge students are granted Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) (Microsoft Professional Certificate) international certificate which enables them to make their career at professional level. At the same time this enables integration of Microsoft information resources in BHOS education progamme and the use of licensed software programs by BHOS lecturers and students.























The foundation year at BHOS includes English language and ICT programmes. Consequently, the studies continue in English and therefore, English language proficiency is essential to ensure comprehensive learning abilities and the use of diverse education resources.

In order to define English language proficiency level of students who complete foundation year programme, IELTS tests are conducted with the support of British Council.










































BHOS implemented Baku Winter Oil School Project within the frame of the DAAD Goes to East Programme. Participants of the project were 12 students studying in undergraduate, graduate and PhD programmes at German universities who participated in various courses on energy policy of Azerbaijan, Global Oil Industry, Advanced Technologies in Oil and Gas Well Drilling, and Renewable Energy Resources during the project.  In the frame of the project, students also visited Sangachal Oil Terminal, SOCAR Training Centre, mud volcanos and historical oil wells to more closely familiarize themselves with the history of oil industry of Azerbaijan. Upon completion of the programme, the participants were awarded participation certificates by BHOS.











































Every year, Halliburton specialists make presentations for BHOS students on various topics that cover their specialization courses. In addition, students take payment based summer internship at the company to get hands-on experience at the industry. Moreover, Halliburton is amongst the active supporters of BHOS Students’ Scientific and Technical Conference, which in its turn increases their motivation and interest in research, as well as fosters the development of their research skills. 

































Emerson Process Management is one of the partners that support education of highly qualified specialists on Process Automation Engineering Programme. The company also supports BHOS in hosting a number of technical, scientific, methodological and organizational events, and along with the other partners offers internship opportunities for our students. The Company has started installation of laboratory at the new BHOS campus. 














































Apart from general areas of collaboration, a joint agreement envisaging application of PETREL program, widely applied in petroleum sector, and organization of the relevant training for BHOS lecturers was signed. The trainings on application of the program have already been started.

































In order to support education and teaching at BHOS, ABB is engaged in creation of the Simulation Center on modeling, analyzing and forecasting oil extraction processes, which will be the hugest and the most powerful one in the region. At the same time, BHOS students are involved in internship programmes at the company facilities.


































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