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Companies and Organizations

With the headquarters in Vietnamese city Vung Tau, VIETSOVPETRO Joint Venture is considered to be the fifth among the largest companies in Vietnam. Agreement on cooperation between BHOS and the JV  was reached in 2015, primary goals of which include organization of workshops, seminars, courses, in-serving training and re-training on different specializations and topics, joint scientific research for solution of various research problems, organization of joint scientific, practical and technical workshops and conferences, cooperation on national and international level projects, organization of internships within Joint Venture structures for selected BHOS students. 
























E.On, with its headquarters in Dusseldorf, Germany, is regarded as one of the leading global companies. Specialized mainly in renewable energy, the search of energy resources and production, gas supply, preservation and transportation, energy efficiency and technical services, the company is planning to focus entirely on renewables, energy networks and customers solutions in future.

As a result of close partnership between BHOS and E.ON, The Education and Research Centre for Renewable Energy Engineering was established at BHOS supported by E.ON Energy Research Center functioning at RWTH Aachen University, Germany. Relevant activities are being taken now to create the material and technical basis of the Centre at the new campus of BHOS. 







































Along with international companies, BHOS is also closely cooperating with the national ones, such as AVANDSIS GROUP, founded in our country and actively engaged in international projects.  

The bilateral cooperation aims at taking necessary measures to provide technical, scientific, methodological and organizational support in order to educate highly qualified specialists studying in Process Automation Engineering Programme. We have already launched the activities to create the laboratory on technical automation tools and their model application.






































Schneider Electric is one of the newest companies that joined BHOS partner companies. However, our students took their summer internship at the company’s facilities. Moreover, Schneider Electric will support us in establishing a laboratory supplied with contemporary electrical equipment and safety devices.














































Baker Hughes is a new partner of our school. Along with the other national and international companies operating in energy sector, collaboration with Baker Hughes cover general areas of partnership aiming to support training of highly qualified specialists for oil and gas sector.  























This summer, 10 BHOS students demonstrating high educational performance took internship at PETKIM, SOCAR’s biggest facility in Turkey, which was the first international internship experience for them. The students had an opportunity to closely familiarize themselves with the production processes, while learning about the structure and operation principles of every equipment, as well as the applied procedures, raw materials, basic substances and additives which helped them to apply their theoretical knowledge gained during the studies in practice. This kind of internship programmes will be organized on an annual basis.  


























BHOS and SAP established cooperation signing a Software License Agreement for Academic Research and Teaching Purposes which will grant to BHOS the right to use SAP Software Products for academic research and teaching purposes, also envisaging internal training for teaching staff and students.

In future, BHOS will also establish a training center to offer courses integrated with SAP software.



































BHOS and US based Turnitin company signed cooperation agreement on application of internet services related to detection and prevention of plagiarism at the higher school. The Service is used at more than 15 000 educational institutions in some 140 countries. The systems plays a significant role in helping the students to develop their scientific works in proper format improving the education process in general.























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