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About lifelong learning

The notion of ‘Lifelong learning’, which can also be interpreted as uninterrupted, prolonged, continuous, means continuation of acquiring new knowledge on the part of people. This notion came straight from globalization tendencies ongoing in the world nowadays.


The tendencies are also connected with the speedy development of economies, industries, technologies, management systems of the countries of the globe and the speedy transfer of achievements made and applied in some countries to the other ones. 


As a result of such dynamic alternations the knowledge that people gain during their education period tend to become outdated and within new conditions in order to work with new technologies even highly qualified specialists need to acquire more contemporary knowledge.


With this purpose in mind starting from the 70th of XX century the leading countries of the globe has been realizing education programmes in the frames of ‘lifelong learning’ or ‘uninterrupted education’ aiming at ensuring dissemination of contemporary knowledge in society.


These programmes mainly focus on engineering and technical employees with higher and secondary education and management staff specialists in order to provide them with new knowledge.

In addition, knowledge of specialists who endeavor to get new one is considered to be less significant being outdated.


As the time passes by the concept of ‘lifelong learning’ has started to be applied not only for higher education but also with respect to students of secondary schools and colleges, prospective students, students of vocational education schools, grant-aided students, in general, with respect to any individual with the purpose of the use of knew knowledge and experience.


Such approach should be accepted as irreplaceable service directed to aid students in the process of preparation for higher level of education. As for specialists, representatives of senior generation, it is certainly very contributing for job landing.  


Realization of the mentioned activity constitutes the major direction of the activity of Lifelong Learning Department of Baku Higher Oil School.