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Methodical council's obligations

1. Overall provisions

  1. Methodical council is collegiate management system of Baku high oil school’s lifelong learning faculty. Methodical council is Azerbaijan Republic’s teaching, instructive and educational and legislation of expanding knowledge, Socar’s internal standard documents, BHOS’s relevant provisions of the Charter, Rector of Baku Higher Oil School of orders and the present Charter, guided by the requirements of each academic year work plan was developed and approved on the basis of the function.

2. Methodical council’s obligations

         2.1.1obligations of methodical council are below

         2.1.2 BHOS in the 1st year of subjects related to the organization of teaching and training organization, methodical and so on for discuss issues, make decisions, to ensure control over the implementation of decisions

        2.1.3In the context of the concept of teaching, learning and dissemination of knowledge related to the organization of work, methodical, administrative and others in the "lifelong learning" in BHOS. to discuss issues, make decisions, to ensure control over the implementation of decisions

        2.1.4The faculty of lifelong learning structural units and other departments involved in the activities carried out under the dean of coordinating activities to increase the efficiency of the joint venture to make proposals in connection with the rector, discuss, make decisions and carry them out

       2.1.5. Giving computer and English lessons to first courses, within the concept of lifelong learning dissemination of knowledge for the application of international experience in learning and faculty to carry out activities

     2.1.6Relevant to the work of the faculty and its structural divisions and external organizations on BHOS compiled manuals to organize the discussion and give feedback

3. To form of methodical council’s structure

3.1 Methodological Council in the positions of the Lifetime learning faculty and Methodist, English and humanities disciplines Center and Process Automation Engineering department managers and teachers, training of specialists in charge of the other departments, educational-methodical department, quality assurance department, Students of the Department of International Relations and is included representatives of the Department of Trade union Committee

3.2Methodical council has authority for 3 academic year

4. Organization of the work of methodical council

4.1 methodical council chaired by the dean of lifelong learning faculty

4.2 Meetings of the methodical council is convened at least one in a month

4.3 The secretary and the chairman of the methodic council prepares to debate issues which are  in accordance with the work plan approved and board members joined in the discussion that could contribute to decision-making, conflict of interest relevant officials of the agenda, date, time and location are informed about a week ago. Before the draft decision on the issue will be discussed at the meeting are prepared and distributed to the members of the board.

4.4 Methodological Council meeting begins with the approval of the agenda. Every issue a report on the (information) listens to questions and answers, if required references are heard, then pop up in discussions, debates and speeches delivered after the end of the suggestions made in the draft resolution, taking into account the amendments to the final decision will be put to the vote and adopted.

4.5 If necessary chairman of the council can draw other co-workers and outside workers to discussion of issue.

4.6 Participation of the meeting should be at least 2\3 for being competent

4.7 The issues discussed in the meeting when the vote taken more than 50% of board members.

4.8 Methodical council’s decisions is often recommended, some of them directly related structural units, decisions on more important matters on the basis of the Rector's orders are carried out.

4.9. Methodical Board meetings are recorded, signed by the chairman and the secretary and saved by the dean of the faculty

4.10 The chairman of the methodic council and dean of lifelong learning faculty have the rights of requesting necessary data from exercising control of all structural units and educational issues discussed in the council meeting.

5. Other provisions

5.1 if the appropriate changes are made to the provisions of the governing documents or acts which are regulating activities of BHOS, There will be proper changes in regulation about methodic council.

5.2. Change that happens in regulation comes into force after discussed in the methodical council meetings and approval, rector’s order takes effect.