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Chemical Thermodynamics, Introduction, Thermodynamics and Reaction Kinetics, System and Surroundings, Energy, Work and Heat, Expansion: reversible and irreversible work, Calculus in Thermodynamics, Internal Energy U, First Law of Thermodynamics, Enthalpy H, The Second Law of Thermodynamics, Entropy S, Third law of Thermodynamics, Gibbs free energy and physical equilibrium, phase diagrams, The solid-liquid boundary, The liquid-vapour boundary, Chemical equilibrium, Reaction, Extent of a Reaction, Variation of ΔG with composition, Variation of ΔG with ξ, Equilibrium constant K.

Introduction to Chemical Kinetics, Reaction rate definitions, The Definition of Rate, Rate of Reaction, accounting for stoichiometry, effects of concentration on reaction rate, Order of Reaction, Differential  Integrated Rate Laws, Connection of Rate Law to Mechanism, Effect of temperature on reaction rate, Arrhenius Equation, Collision Theory, Transition-State Theory.

Thermodynamics of mixtures and solutions, Chemical equilibrium – revisited, Le Chatelier’s Principle, Thermodynamic description of mixtures, Partial molar quantities, Chemical Potential of Liquids, Ideal Solutions, Real mixtures: deviations from Raoult’s Law, Ideal-dilute Solutions, Chemical potential of non-ideal liquid mixture, Activity, Composition of Vapour, Temperature – Composition Diagrams, colligative properties, Chemical potential of a solvent, Boiling point elevation, Freezing point depression, Osmosis, equilibrium electrochemistry, Ions in Solution, Electrochemical cells and Applications.