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Introduction and Elements for Process Control, Process variables, Basic Regulatory Control System Structure, Automated Feedback Configuration, Automated Feedforward Configuration, Cascade Control, Elements of Control Systems,  Sensors and Transmitters, Final Control elements, Controllers. ODEs and Laplace Transforms, Solution of ODEs Using Laplace Transforms, Development of Transfer Functions, Linear First Order Differential Equations, Linear Second Order Differential Equations,  Characterising an Underdamped Response. Process Modelling, Compound Dilution in Stirred Tank, Continuous Dilution Vessel, Temperature of Stirred Vessel, Level Changes as Examples of Self-Regulating Non-Self-Regulating Systems, Linearization. Interactions between Systems and Block Diagrams, Non-Interacting Systems, Interacting Systems, Block Diagrams and Block Algebra. Design of Process Control Systems, Feedback Controllers, Proportional Controller (P), Proportional Integral Controller (PI), Proportional-Integral-Derivative Controller (PID), Closed-Loop Behaviour, Ziegler-Nichols Tuning