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PART 1.Introduction, Course Overview, Attendance, Organisation, Planning, Content Plan,              Process Plan, Functions within Groups and Expertise, Documentation, Major Design Themes, Iterative/ Checking, Context, Constraints and Degrees of Freedom,Products and Process Evaluation, Guidelines for Report, Design Basis,Reference Style, Week 8 Group Submission, Journal Article, Outcomes and Motivation, Peer Assessment, Useful Sources of Information                 

PART 2.Computer Aided Process Design, Course Overview, Introduction to HYSYS, How HYSYS works, Aims of these Notes, Getting Started with HYSYS, Opening a New Simulation, Simulation Environment, Creating New Cases, Saving Data, Key Points, Using HYSYS for Physical Properties & Phase Conditions, Adding Unit Operations, Adding Information, Stream Information, Equipment Information, Inconsistency Errors, Additional Operations, Gas/Liquid Separator, Heater/Cooler, A Mixer, A Splitter or T-Piece, A Valve, Pumps & Compressors, Adjust, Distillation, Reactions, Additional Operations in Simulation Environment,Tasks& Assignments (HYSYS), Introduction to Aspen+, Task1: Your First Aspen+ Simulation, Drawing a Flowsheet, Entering Problem Information, Start the Run Engine, Renaming Streams & Blocks, Changing Inputs, Full Power & Scope of Aspen+, Unit Operation in Aspen+, Distillation  103, Reactors  105, Heater, Pipes & Pipelines, Consolidate, Assignments (Aspen Plus).