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Gas-solid catalytic reactions:Introduction, Kinetics for Catalytic Reactions (7 Steps in a Catalytic Reaction), Rate Controlling Mechanism, Within the Catalyst Pellet, Internal Effective Factor, Thiele Modulus, For nth Order Reaction & for Mass Transfer Controlling, Determination of Internal Diffusion, Outside Catalytic Pellet, External Mass Transfer, Mear’ Criterion for External Diffusion, Temperature Effect, Effect of Gas Flow Rate, Determining η for Non-isothermal 1st Order Reaction, Introduction to cell culture: Introduction, Conditions for Cell Growth, Temperature, Pressure, Water Activity, pH, Nutrients, History of Cell Culture, Types of Cell Culture, Microbial Cell Culture, Plant Cell, Tissue & Embryo, Animal Cell Culture, Immobilised Cells & Other Multicellular Systems, Diffusion, Bioreactor Engineering: Bioreactors for Cell Culture, Mixing, Oxygen Transfer, Oxygen Consumption in Bioreactors, Oxygen Transfer in Bioreactors.