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Downhole Processes. Introduction. Offshore System Configuration. Necessary Condition For An Oil And Gas Reservoir. The Reservoir. Oil And Gas Production. Pressure Maintenance And Secondary Recovery. Tertiary Recovery. Thermodynamic BehaviourOf Reservoir Fluids.Surface Processing; Treatment Overview. Introduction. Offshore Oil And Gas. Product Specification. Gas Product Specifications. Oil Product. Specifications. Produced Water Specifications. Selecting Separator Operating Conditions.

Surface Processing; Gravity Separators. Introduction. Typical Processing Scheme. Operating Conditions For Oil And Gas Processing. Physical Separation Methods. Gravity Separators. Operational Problems. Theoretical Aspects Used In Design Procedure. Retention Time Theory. Other Expressions And Terminology. Design Methods Referenced Design Methods. Velocity Profiles.  Vessel Internals. Floating Production Systems (Fps). A Spreadsheet (Three-Phase Horizontal Separator).  Emulsion Treatment. Introduction. Physical Chemistry Of Emulsions. Theory Of Emulsion Treatment. Methods Of De-Emulsification. Crude Oil Desalting. Emulsion Treatment Equipment. Electrostatic Emulsion Treater. Emulsion Treatment Equipment Sizing. Design Procedure. Gas Treatment. Introduction. Hydrocarbon Dew Point. Gas Dehydration (Water Dew Point Control. Determination Of Water Content. Inhibition Of Hydrate Formation. Dehydration Using Absorption Process. Dehydration Using Adsorption Process.

Adsorption Gas Sweetening. Amine Process. Potassium Carbonate Process. SulfinolProcess. Selexol, RectisolAnd Fluor. Adsorption Gas Sweetening. Gas Sweeting Process Selection And Location. Liquid Sweetening. Chemical Injection. Biocides. H2s Scavengers. Corrosion Inhibitors.Water Treatment. Introduction. Water Specifications. Water Quality Analysis. Potential Problems With Produced. Treatment Options. Treatment Equipment. Water Injection. Filtration. Alternative Systems. Deoxygenation OrDeareation.  Chemical Treatment. Oil And Gas Pipelines. Introduction. Offshore Production Pipelines Offshore And Onshore Export Pipelines. Onshore Pipelines. Pipe Networks. Pipeline Design – Single Phase Flow. Pressure Surges. Two Phase Gas-Liquid Flow.  Features Of Onshore Pipelines. Calculation Procedure. Pressure Profile In A Long Pipeline. Maximum Flow Rates. Booster Stations. Pipeline Design – Additional Points.