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Collaboration with Partner Companies

It is well known that oil and gas are considered to be the main sphere of Baku Higher Oil School. Functioning within BHOS Computer Studies and ICT department process automation engineering programme is involved with educating specialists in petroleum process automation. In this connection department is cooperating with transnational companies. This cooperation does not only include acquisition of any education materials. It also envisages incorporating IT innovations used by the said companies in contents of BHOS Computer and ICT Department.

Academic programme content available in process automation engineering specialization should correspond to company’s requirements in order for BHOS students’ becoming specialists of transnational companies along with SOCAR.


One of the companies that cooperate with BHOS department in question is Emerson Process Management. This company is dealing with technical equipment production and installation, software design in the field of production process management, production process automation. The Baku office of the company largely supported BHOS in installation of laboratory at BHOS in frames of cooperation. Currently Baku office of Emerson Process Management Company is going to supply a number of equipment on control dimension for technology process management and the process of their installation at BHOS new campus is under way. The significance of the said laboratory is connected with organization of workshops and training courses for BHOS students on the part of the company’s specialists.

Cooperation fields with BHOS

Cooperation agreement with Emerson Process Management company was signed on 8th July 2014.

The purpose of the agreement was to take appropriate measures to support education and training programmes designed for education of specialists in process automation engineering. Emerson assumed following obligations on cooperation by signing the agreement:

  • Conducting workshops and lectures for BHOS students by Emerson specialists,
  • Organization of internship for students,
  • Awarding distinguished students on the part of Emerson company (grants and scholarships),
  • Creation of certain laboratories via Emerson sponsorship.

Provision with software for process management by Emerson company and organization of joint training are envisaged for further phase of cooperation.



The second listed company the department is cooperating with is one of the largest transnational companies of the globe Microsoft. The company is involved with production of software for various calculation systems. It should be reminded that during Academic year 2014/15 there was created Microsoft Academy and licensing center within BHOS Computer Studies and ICT department. Academy programme is aiming at educating highly qualified and contemporary specialists in the field of IT.In order to gain professional knowledge and skills BHOS provides students with advanced training technologies offered by Microsoft company. Programme offers broad opportunities. Thus it envisages training even for ordinary users on applied programmes and special ones used by professionals. Students who successfully pass licensing tests of Microsoft are able to make their career in IT field. Participants may choose either Essential course or Advanced one or get prepared in both directions. By the end of each semester students terminate the one level of the course of the mentioned Academy. Certificates are awarded to successful students on the part of Microsoft Academy and Licensing Center functioning at BHOS Computer Studies and ICT department. One of priority directions of the department is to get educational manuals renewed and updated and bringing them to the standards of education content available at respectable universities of the world. For instance, there are a lot of online international academies. Majority of BHOS students get registered at those online academies what enables them to use education programmes of the said academies and then they take exams. The ones who gain the best results during exam win international certificate. In general BHOS students received 31 certificates after passing exams of online academies of various international companies.The largest number of certificates of online academies referred to international companies ever won falls to the share of BHOS students. BHOS Computer Studies and ICT department is planning to introduce “The Basics of Electric Techniques” course to be prepared jointly with partner universities in future. At the same time students will be able to take online exam on similar course offered by Oxford University. Being registered and with successful results students may gain Oxford University certificate. As a result of this process education content of BHOS Process Automation Engineering programme and its quality will be able to correspond to the ones available at the leading globe universities enabling BHOS to enter the number of world leading universities. The works that are carried out in this direction motivate students paving the way for BHOS diploma to be recognized worldwide.Right from the start this has been very fruitful undertaking. The recourses of such transnational companies as ABB, Microsoft, IBM, Emerson, Avandis Group, Schneider Electric, Atendau are widely used in academic activities of BHOS. While taking internship at the mentioned transnational companies BHOS students learned exploitation rules referred to the equipment thus they expanded their practical knowledge. The transnational companies have started to regard BHOS students as professionals showing them special attention inviting them to exhibitions where their equipment is exposed.


One more transnational company the department is cooperating with is ABB company globally known for its work in electro energetics and automation field. Founded in 1883 and now having head office in Zurich the company is operating in more than 100 countries of the world. ABB company is offering electric, dimension control, management and telecommunication systems as well as technical and projecting services. Systems and services offered by the company increase the scope of production by prolonging production period of equipment, cutting off exploitation expenditures, being distinguished by efficiency and quality and minimally affecting the environment.

Memorandum of Understanding was signed between BHOS and ABB company in December 3, 2014. In frames of this MOU BHOS Computer Studies and ICT department managed to commence fruitful cooperation with ABB. Having won respect of ABB company BHOS managed to create the huge simulation center which will be used within education system for the first time at BHOS new campus. For the time being the works on construction of simulation center are continuing. After completion of the works it will turn to be the hugest simulation center not only in Azerbaijan but in the whole region. The center which will be exploited by students and SOCAR employees will be equipped with simulators in order to operate in process management, taking information from sand, information preservation in server, information analysis, process simulation, forecasting etc. “Meeting room” for students’ discussions will also be available at the center.

It should be pointed out that 4 certificates of ABB online academy were awarded to BHOS students. These certificates will aid students in their future career at transnational companies.

Avandis Group is one of the world leading companies offering services in the field of automatics. BHOS and the Avandis Group reached cooperation agreement May 6, 2015. According to this agreement Avandis Group assumes to support BHOS Process Automation Engineering programme in ensuring logistics, science and methodology and organization of events in order to educate highly qualified specialists. This year for the first time of taking internship at the mentioned company students were engaged with management systems, the use of equipment and software available there and projecting systems for solving appropriate issues. Avandis Group is considered to be one of the transnational companies that greatly support BHOS. The laboratory which is going to be installed at BHOS new campus is a gift of company to BHOS.

One more partner company is Atendau which is one of the leading companies in intellectual management of homes providing smart technologies. While taking internship at the company students studying in process automation engineering programme designed applied programs for various objects via diversity of software used in intellectual management of homes.

IBM, the company that ever introduced first computer technologies, is one of the crucial partners of BHOS Computer Studies and ICT department. IBM is noted company on production computer technologies and software. According to the agreement reached between higher school and the company it was envisaged to design joint master programme for the first time in Azerbaijan. Thus IBM will provide BHOS with master programme which in turn will help to turn BHOS graduates in experienced specialists constantly being in demand.

Agreement on cooperation with Schneider Electric Company involved with production of equipment used in automation and energetics was reached May 6, 2015. The company introduces software and HR systems. In addition cooperation between BHOS Computer and ICT department and Schneider Electric is focused on installation of company’s equipment at the laboratories of BHOS new campus in future.

Being independent company and fulfilling numerous SOCAR orders, Control Dimension Equipment and Automatics supports BHOS in providing close connections between education process and industry. The Company is involved with gas distribution projecting used in oil extraction, installation and exploitation. It is envisaged to install one of such equipment at BHOS new campus.

In conclusion we should underline that BHOS Computer Studies and ICT department is realizing projecting laboratory equipment providing the rooms with 3D formats.