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Volunteers of Baku Higher Oil School at IV Islamic Solidarity Games

          The 4th Islamic Solidarity Games in Azerbaijan, which became a vivid evidence of recognition of the country achievements and dynamic development by the Islamic world, brought together over 3,000 athletes from 54 countries. Nearly 12,000 volunteers participated in this multinational and multi-sport event including students of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS). What can they say about the Islamic Solidarity Games? What will they remember about their work as volunteers at the Games? BHOS students participating in the Baku-2017 Volunteer Program answer these questions.


          Kenan Sadigov, second-year Chemical Engineering Student:

          – Joining the Volunteer program, I set up several goals for myself. I wanted to find new friends, gain experience and improve my English language skills. At the 4th Islamic Solidarity Games I work as an assistant to Syrian National Olympic Committee. My daily duties include fulfilling multiple tasks and providing necessary help in resolving various issues, and I do my best to do a good job. After I started working as a volunteer, I did found new friends. I have been a member of the Baku-2017 volunteer team for more than eight months by now. I started as Goodwill Ambassador and now I work as an assistant to a foreign delegation. It is very interesting to meet sportsmen from different countries and learn more about other nations’ culture and traditions.


          Novruz Aliyev, second-year Petroleum Engineering student:

          – For the first time I worked as a volunteer at the Formula 1 held in Baku last year. This experience helped me significantly improve my English language skills, as I was working with many foreigners. At the Islamic Solidarity Games in Azerbaijan, I am responsible for meeting guests and providing assistance to them. By the way, at the Games I met my childhood friend, whom I did not see for many years. So, the Islamic Solidarity Games helped me to find friends and gain useful experience.


          Nigar Gasimova, second-year Chemical Engineering student:

          – This is my first experience in being a volunteer at such large-scale international sports event. I am sure that participation in the Baku-2017 Volunteer Program will remain as a bright page in my life. Encouraged by my fellow students who were volunteers at the European games and Formula 1 I joined the volunteer team of the Islamic Solidarity Games to find new friends and gain new experience. I work in the team that provides information about meetings, training and other events’ schedule to the athletes. Some of foreign athletes presented me lapel pins, and I think I will get a whole collection of the pins after the Games are over!


          Kamil Nagizade, second-year Petroleum engineering student:

          – I learned about the volunteer program from my friends who worked as volunteers at the European games and Formula 1 in the past and liked it at once. Having joined the Islamic Solidarity Games’ volunteer program, I hoped to acquaint myself with many people and to gain experience in working in a team. I am a member of the group, which is responsible for meeting guests at the entrance of sports halls and accompanying them inside the premises. We do our best to help them feel comfortable. I have many vivid memories, and one of them is cerebration of our group manager’s birthday. I will remember the Islamic Solidarity Games and its atmosphere of friendship and solidarity. I believe that this international sports festival will go down in the history of Azerbaijan as one of the most remarkable and important events.