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Students of BHOS attended international forum

          Undergraduates of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) including third-year Petroleum Engineering students Orkhan Khankishiyev and Ferdin Vatani, and fourth-year Petroleum Engineering student Elmir Abilov participated in the Second International oil and gas majoring students forum "New generation: Across the universe". It was held with organizational support from Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas and Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE).


          More than 100 students from 55 countries as well as young specialists from international oil and gas companies attended the event. BHOS undergraduates participated in the forum discussions and meetings with oil and gas sector experts.


           First part of the forum was conducted in Moscow, during which the students of the Higher School participated in the discussions of the following reports made at the plenary sessions by leading industry experts: “Energy transformation: map of the future”, “’Clever’ oil and gas industry” and “HR time: open talk”. In addition, Orkhan Khankishiyev, Ferdin Vatani and Elmir Abilov visited Career Opportunities Exhibition, which provided students with opportunity to receive information and professional advice from specialists of oil and gas companies.


            The second part of the Forum was organized Production and Training Center of the Gubkin University in Zaluchye. Ferdin Vatani and Elmir Abilov were active participants of the workshop conducted by Schlumberger company, while Orkhan Khankishiyev alongside representatives from more than 50 countries took part in the round-table by the SPE Student Chapter of the Gubkin University Society. The participants discussed issues related to competitiveness of oil production, environmental problems and effectiveness of new technologies applied in the oil and gas industry.


             During the Forum, Ferdin Vatani also attended “Gubkin Talks” conference. BHOS student made a presentation entitled “How to become a champion” and received a certificate of successful participation in the conference.