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BHOS holds record for number of students who earned 700 points at entrance exams

          According to the results of the entrance exams to national higher educational institutions for 2017/2018 academic year conducted by the State Examination Center of Azerbaijan, 15 prospective students earned the highest score and received 700 points. Seven of them participated in the exams on the 1st group of specialities and all of them have chosen to study at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS), which became a record-holder for the number of the students earning 700 points and admitted to higher educational institutions of the country.




Statistics on high education institution choices by prospective students earning 700 points

Text Box: 1. Baku Higher Oil School			– 7 persons
2. Azerbaijan Medical University 			– 3 persons
3. Azerbaijan State Economic University	– 2 persons 
4. Baku State University				– 2 persons
5. ADA University					– 1 person       
Total:  						15 persons


          The group of BHOS students who earned at the entrance exams 700 points includes Gabil Aliyev (Dayanet Lyceum), Khalida Aliyeva (school №220, Baku), Vahab Jebrayilov (secondary school of Lahij village, Ismayilli district), Mahira Asadzadah (school №162, Baku), Elmir Akhmedov (Lyceum named after Academician Zarifa Aliyeva), Abdulla Askerzadeh (Istek Lyceum, Gandja) and Jale Mamedova (school №5, Khirdalan town).


           Moreover, the Higher School is a record-holder for the number of the students who passed the entrance exams in 1st group of specialities with high score and became Presidential scholars this year. Twenty-four first-year students at BHOS were awarded with Presidential scholarship.