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BHOS Students Started Internship at Azneft Production Union

Eighty one BHOS second and third year Petroleum Engineering students have started their summer intership at Azneft Production Union. Third year students will get payment during the two month internship.

While addressing students who joined the above mentioned internship BHOS rector Elmar Gasimov spoke about the conditions and opportunities offered to students and mentioned the fact of BHOS students’ involvement in internship at a number of transnational companies. He said that this opportunity would enable students to combine academic knowledge and practical skills. Rector also emphasized that internship would open new horizons for successful career growth of students in future as highly qualified specialists. Stressing the significance of learning new skills Rector Gasimov advised students to be responsible, derive benefits from internship and wished them every success.

Adalat Eminov, the Production Union Deputy Head on Geology said he was pleased to be at BHOS and underlined the high public recognition of the higher oil. He also mentioned the importance of internship in engineering. Mr. Eminov expressed his confidence that after putting theoretical knowledge into practice students would be able to enlarge their knowledge. In addition he said that the internship would be beneficial for students in terms of gaining new knowledge.

The speech was followed by Q&A session where students were introduced detailed information on the conditions, working environment, major activities and goals of the internship.