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BHOS Students Took Internship at Petkim Company

Five third year students of BHOS representing chemistry engineering specialization have completed their internship taken at Petkim company, Izmir Turkey. The internship period covered 1-24 July.


Throughout 25 days students closely studied construction and installation works at giant object of Petkim and the works of currently functioning technological installations with various settings. Students also studied facilities of each installation, ongoing technological processes there, technological regulations, the work of control and managing systems, health, security and environment protection measures being taken during production processes. Engineers of the company instructed students on security measures and made presentations on processes currently under way within company.


By the end of internship BHOS students were awarded with certificates by Petkim company.

It should be reminded that 10 BHOS students in two groups were sent to Petkim company for taking internship. Currently 5 more third year students of BHOS representing chemistry engineering specialization are taking internship at Petkim company’s sites. Internship will continue till 14 August.

It should be underlined that the internship taken at the mentioned company the construction of which is under way and production fields of which are being exploited really serves students to more profoundly master theoretical knowledge gained throughout the year through practice.