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BHOS football team As-If wins internal football tournament

     BHOS football team As-If won internal football tournament dedicated to the 31st December, the National Solidarity Day. The runner-up of the tournament was “North Star” team, and “Dark Horse” and “Gedebey” teams shared the third place. The tournament was held between October and December and its best forward with 15 scored goals was Elvin Hasanli. In total the winner team scored 45 goals having lost 14 ones throughout the tournament. The best goalkeeper was Elmin Mammadov representing “North Star” team. 


     It should be pointed out that the name of the winner team “As-If” was derived from the name of the English language lecturer Asif Gojayev who works for BHOS English language and HD center. As for direct meaning of the team name as if it is of comic nature.