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Nadir Sultanli:"I've scored 700 points to be admitted to Baku Higher Oil School"

Nadir Sultanli, the prospective student scoring the maximum 700 points in the university entrance examinations in specialization group 1 held on Jun. 15 by the State Students Admission Commission graduated from Ankara School-Lyceum Complex. He studied at Lyceum named after Haydar Aliyev until grade #7 and has always been an A-level student.  He used to score some 680-690 points in latest mock examinations and reached up to the maximum point in the final ones.


Nadir, why did you choose the engineering field?

I’ve always had a great interest in technical subjects which I used to study very well. I believed that I would succeed in this area. Of course, my family tried to direct me to other areas, especially finance, banking, etc, but when I was at the 10th grade I made a decision to apply to BHOS.  


What were your impressions when you learned about the exam results?

When the exams were finished I knew approximately that I’ve scored 700 points. However, I might have made a mistake when writing down the answers on the examination paper, I mean, everything could happen. I was very happy when I’ve found out that the score was 700 points. Good news came from my father. I was together with my friends who were also happy for me. Making my parents feel proud of me was very important, so I was really happy of the result.


You’ve said that you want to study Chemical Enginnering…

Yes, I do. I want to study Chemical Engineering at BHOS. I’ve scored 700 points to be admitted to Baku Higher Oil School.


Do you imagine yourself as a perspective chemical engineer? Do you think you can manage it?

Of course, I believe I will manage it, because I really do have a great interest in this field. My grandmother is a chemist, too and she had a significant role to foster in me sympathy for chemistry. Loving your profession and doing your work with enthusiasm are important factors. I think, I will succeed at this higher school and become one of the most distinguished students of BHOS.