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"Since childhood, I have wanted to become a cosmonaut," says Presidential scholar studying at BHOS

Within the project implemented by Public Relations department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) and entitled “10 questions to Presidential Scholar at BHOS”, Process Automation Engineering student Ashraf Abbasov is answering our questions.


- Please, tell about yourself.

- I was born in Baku on April 26, 1999. I started school in 2005 and graduated from the secondary school №98 in 2016. Having entered BHOS this year, I became a Process Automation Engineering student and then I was awarded with Presidential Scholarship.

- The exams are in the past now. What impressions did they leave on you?

- The exams were difficult, but that was worth it. Like any other undergraduate applicant, I was very nervious during the entrance exams, but everything ended well.

- What was your score at the entrance exams?

- I got 685 points.

- Why have you chosen BHOS?

- It was not a random choice. I have chosen BHOS because I consider it one of the best and leading higher educational institutions in Azerbaijan.

- What could you tell about your family’s role in your education?

- Of course, my parents, especially my mother, have greatly contributed to my success. I believe that it is very important to help children realize how important it is to receive proper education. And my Mom has managed to do this for me.

- What is your biggest dream?

- Since early childhood, I have wanted to become a cosmonaut. As silly as it sounds, it continues to be my biggest dream; I still want to become a cosmonaut, even if at some time in the future.

- What can you tell about your future profession?

- I would like to be a talented specialist, because there is a great and growing demand for process automation engineers.

- What hobbies do you have?

- I like playing ping pong and consider this my hobby.

- What else are you interested in?

- I like skating and I also like making origami.

- What literary genres do you prefer?

- Among literary genres, I prefer drama, and I am interested in comics, too.