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"My biggest success is that I became Presidential Scholar", says BHOS student

Within the project implemented by Public Relations department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) and entitled “10 questions to Presidential Scholar at BHOS”, first-year Process Automation Engineering student Elchin Aslanli is answering our questions.


- Please, tell about yourself.

- My family is from Gubadli, but I was born in Baku on May 13, 1999. In 2005, I entered school №12 named after Kamil Eyyubov in Nizami district. I always was getting high grades and, thus, graduated from the school with distinction. This year I entered BHOS to study Process Automation Engineering and became Presidential Scholar.

- The exams are in the past now. What impressions did they leave on you?

- Frankly, it was difficult time for me. I was preoccupied with endless preparations for exams, and the sleepless nights over the textbooks were wearisome... Were it not for the hope for a success, I could not cope with these challenges. Luckily, everything went well, and this was very encouraging.

- What was your score at the entrance exams?

- I got 685 points.

- Why have you chosen BHOS?

- I found it very attractive that the Higher School often occupied highest places in the universities rating. One serious reason was the fact that BHOS accepts only those prospective students who gets highest scores at the entrance exams. It means there is a high competition among those who want to study at BHOS.

- What could you tell about your family’s role in your education?

- During my preparations for exams, my parents provided great support to me, both moral and financial. Moreover, my brother and sister demonstrated top results at their entrance exams, and it was a great motivation for me in order to strive for success.

- What is your biggest dream?

- My biggest dream was to be awarded with the Presidential Scholarship, and it came true.

- What can you tell about your future profession?

- My interest in computers and information technologies influenced my choice of the specialty. If I become a good engineer, I believe it will be also for the benefit of my country.

- What hobbies do you have?

- I can say that music and football are my passions. I listen to music up to three hours a day and watch all important football matches. And I very much desire to see Club Barcelona game at their stadium in reality one day.

- What else are you interested in?

- I am interested in bowling, console games, mainly football, and movies.

- What literary genres do you prefer?

- Reading books takes too much time, so I prefer to watch films. I especially like scientific films.