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"I would like to make a world tour", says Presidential scholar studying at BHOS.

Within the project initiated by Public Relations department of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) and entitled “10 questions to Presidential Scholar at BHOS”, first-year Petroleum Engineering student Shahlar Alizadeh is answering our questions.

– Please, tell about yourself. 

– I was born in the Shahseven village of the Beylaghan district in 1999. I graduated from the secondary school №1 in this village. The same year, I successfully passed entrance exams to the Baku Higher Oil School, and became BHOS student. I am first-year Petroleum Engineering student and a Presidential Scholar. 


– The exams are in the past now. What were your impressions?

– It was a very difficult period of time for me. I was getting very tired, but I had to study hard to achieve my goal. Moreover, I very much wanted to meet expectations of my family and other close relatives.


– What was your score at the entrance exams?

– I got 686 points.


– Why have you chosen BHOS?

– Since my childhood, I have wanted to be a very good engineer. Thus, I thought that BHOS would be the best higher education institution for me. I have chosen BHOS to receive my education, and I believe I will never regret that.


– What role has your family played in your education?

– Their role can hardly be overestimated. My family has always supported me. It is thanks to them that I have achieved my goals and that I am studying at the Higher School now. I shall be always grateful to them.


– What is your biggest dream?

– My biggest dream is to graduate from the Higher School with excellent marks and become a highly qualified professional. I also want to work on new projects and honorably represent our country abroad. 


– What would you like to tell about your future profession?

– My future profession is petroleum engineer, and I do intend to be an excellent engineer.


– What hobbies do you have?

– Most of all I like watching movies.


– What else are you interested in?

– I like riding a bike very much. Also, I would like to make a world tour, and I do hope that I can fulfill this dream.  


– What literary genres do you prefer?

– I like reading books irrespective of their genre.