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Ethical Guidelines

Ethical Guidelines

Duties of Editors

  • Editorial Board Members (EBMs) are individuals who commit to provide peer reviews for a journal or journal section.  
  • EBMs provide structured (peer) reviews of a maximum of 3 manuscript submissions over the course of one year.
  • EBMs typically possess a high degree of expertise in their specialty (or specialties), have experience with reviewing manuscripts, and are committed to participating in the process of providing timely, high-quality reviews for the journal on which they serve.
  • EBMs play a key role in contributing to the quality, the value, and even the reputation of science published in the journal. The evaluation and constructive feedback generated from peer review helps authors improve their work and, importantly, allows the editor to assess the paper’s suitability for publication in the journal.
  • Once the articles are received from the authors, they are checked for plagiarism and then sent (in both - word and pdf format) by email to the assigned Editor. It is expected that the assigned Editor will take up the assignment at an earliest possible time. If he or she wants to deny the assignment due to some personal reason, that should also be informed to the Editorial Office at an earliest possible convenience.
  • Honesty and transparency is must to become an Editorial Board member, where an Editor should judge every submission equally and transparently.
  • If required, Editor may provide the necessary guidelines and dictate the process of submission to the author.
  • The board members are expected to maintain complete confidentiality and objectivity with regard to manuscripts and the entire review process.
  • The reviewed article MUST be returned along with the reviewers form; otherwise, the articles will not be accepted.
  • The team is required to critically review the papers in a non-judgmental manner and submit the changes in either soft (in track change mode) or hard copy to the Editorial Office on or before the assigned deadline.
  • The editorial board members will take turns in alphabetical order in writing the editorial. The sequence of articles in the editorial needs to be maintained as per that in the issue.


Duties of Authors

Authors wishing to publish their papers in Journal of Engineering Sciences and Modern Technologies must abide to the following:

  • accurately present research findings and include an objective discussion of the significance of the findings;
  • include as authors only those who qualify for authorship;
  • disclose any facts that might be perceived as a possible conflict of interest of the author(s) in the paper prior to submission.
  • present data and methods used in the research in sufficient detail so that other researchers can replicate the work;
  • do not submit the same manuscript to more than one journal;
  • publish only novel and original research results;
  • obtain any necessary permission from the copyright holder to publish any content previously published (including quotations, figures or tables);
  • communicate errors and inaccuracies found after publication to the Editorial Board.


Plagiarism and Data Fabrication

Copying text, ideas, images, or data from another source, even from your own publications, without giving credit to the original source is considered plagiarism.

Reuse of text that is copied from another source must be between quotation marks and the original source must be cited.

The manuscript may be rejected if plagiarism is detected during the peer review process. The paper may be retracted or a Correction may be published if plagiarism is detected after publication.

All the manuscripts are checked for text duplication using Turnitin before they are sent to editors.