Competitive programmming represents the course of programming challanges, where students learn how to solve computational problems.


About us
This is the website of "Competitive programming" study gorup in Baku Higher oil school. We providing the study course for the students of Process automation engineering speciality and other specialities who want to participated in international collegiate programming contest ACM-ICPC

First steps Learn how to start programming

There are lot of websites on the internet that claim to help you start programming. Some of them are for professionals another for beginners. You can start from the Guide.

Competitive Programming Learn how to start

You should learn programming not only during the course study, but at home. You should try to practice the competitive problems which are higher your ability or knowledge but no more than a lot beyond your ability. Start with codemonk then HackerRank or Topcoder since on these site, you can review other programmer's code or solution. In guide section there are presented the sources for practicing competititve programming.

ProgrammingSites for practicing programming


    International collegiate programming contest
  • IOI
    International Olympiad in Informatics
    USA Computing Olympiad

Baku Higher Oil School

Automation engineers are experts who have the knowledge and ability to design, create, develop and manage systems, for example, factory automation, process automation as well as building and home automation to make the systems work by themselves or require a minimum number of personnel.


BHOS teams participating in ACM-İCPC and Republican olimpiads of informatics

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BHOS teams

BHOS students in competititve programming contests