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İnnovasiya və tədqiqatlar mərkəzi
İnnovasiya və tədqiqatlar mərkəzi

The Center for Innovation and Research is at Baku Higher Oil School for bringing innovative scientific research projects and innovative ideas to the market. While Center's main focus is scientific research related projects, we welcome collaboration with any innovative ideas of students


Our mission is to develop environment for collaborative research and entrepreneurship.


We provide the development of training, capacity building and services for innovation startups through programs, training courses, and consultants from other institutions, incubation centers and business promotion organizations. Our main goal is to connects activities between the university and businesses, organize start-up contests and support start-up activities methodically. In our center there are different opportunities for startups. We have designed different related programs for startups such as mentor meetings, hackathons, startup competitions, bootcamps and design thinking workshops. These programs help startups to turn creative ideas into feasible projects, coordinated deployment with business partners. We plan to collaborate well-known tech and innovation centers, venture capitals and research centers to support startups receiving many awards and invitation to join advanced training courses on startup organizations and professional funds.


BHOS Center for Research and Innovation provides mentorship and product development support through co-working space, laboratories, networking connections with venture funds, grant programs and industrial companies.

Name of startups at Center for Innovation and Research


  1. Climasel

About: Climasel provides cooling ceiling and wall panel for saving energy consumption and keeping room at comfort temperature


  • Winner of Creative business cup Azerbaijan 2018
  • Winner of ClimateLaunchpad Business Competition Azerbaijan 2018
  • Winner of Central Asian Startup competition


  1. eopsIL

About: eopsIL provides much safer, greener and better preforming solution for battery manufacturers by introducing semi-solid ionic liquid-based electrolyte. By modifying the chemistry of battery electrolyte with safer and greener chemicals eopsIL team makes it more efficient in performance, additionally solving the issues of toxicity and flammability which are intrinsic to existing electrolytes.


  1. Biofactant 

About: Biofactant team is on the way to develop green detergent surfactants from used cooking oil.



Ongoing projects: BHOS Enactus, Mentorship program for startups

Future Projects: Innosolution, Synthesis of semi-solid battery electrolyte, Synthesis of green surfactants from waste cooking oil