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McGraw-Hill Education conducts workshop at Baku Higher Oil School

        Learning Solutions Manager for Turkey and Azerbaijan of McGraw-Hill Education Company (MHE) Baran Erdener conducted a workshop at Baku Higher Oil School. It was held in order to  introduce Digital Solutions including CONNECT, Lecturer Resources and eBook/Custom eBook Solutions to the Higher School teachers and library staff members. These systems allow personalized learning by assessing each student's skill level and using data to determine the most effective way of the progress through lessons.


        Presenting the Digital Solutions, Baran Erdener emphasized that they were designed to add value to teaching courses. CONNECT provides the students with an access to SmartBook adaptive learning and reading tool and additional material including videos and slideshows. SmartBook prompts students with questions and by assessing individual answers identifies topics they need to practice. A calendar and customized feed of the system show students a “to do” list, so they know precisely what they should be working on. As statistical data show, on average, students using CONNECT experience stronger comprehension with a knowledge retention rate of nearly 90% versus slightly more than 70% without it.


           The workshop participants were acquainted with specific features of the CONNECT in chemistry. They also learned how to obtain access to full texts of online resources for scientific, research and teaching activities.


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