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BHOS students participated in competition for Rubik's Cube BAKI-2017

          Competition for Rubik’s Cube entitled BAKI-2017 and organized jointly by Azerbaijan Cube Association (ACA) and Student Trade Union of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) took place at BHOS. The competition was held with financial support from Youth Foundation under the President of the Azerbaijan Republic and was dedicated to Azerbaijani Youth Day celebrated on February 2. The competition was conducted in the following events: 3x3x3 Cube (One-handed), 4x4x4, Megaminx and 3x3 Cube (Rubik's Cube). It was aimed to raise young generation interest to this and other intellectual games and help them spend their free time profitably.


           Upon the competition results, the winners were presented with trophies. Third-year Chemical Engineering student Sahib Abdullayev (BHOS) and fourth-year Chemical Engineering student Simuzer Babazadeh (also from BHOS) received special certificates. Moreover, Simuzer Babazadeh became a record-holder in the 3x3x3 event. She assembled the cube in 42 seconds and surpassed the previous record set up by Arzu Jabrayilova (1:11.54).


          BHOS Student Trade Union and Azerbaijan Cube Association intend to continue cooperation and implement new joint projects. ACA, which has been established on April 11, 2016, is a member of the World Cube Association.


           Winners of BAKI-2017 competition for Rubik’s Cube:


           3x3x3 Event (one-handed):

            I place – Chingiz Asadzadeh

            II place – Suleyman Khalilov  

            III place – Farid Hasanov

             IV place – Aziz Valili


            Megaminx Event:

             Winner – Arzu Jabrayilova (first girl who ever won this event in Azerbaijan)


             4x4x4 Event:

             I place – Suleyman Khalilov (1:23.44)

             II place – Aziz Velili (2:03.72)

             III place – Farid Hasanov (2:54.31)


              Cube (Rubik’s Cube) 3x3x3 Event:

               I place – Suleyman Khalilov (13.36)

               II place – Chingiz Asadzadeh (17.57)