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"I believe that graduates of BHOS will be high-level specialists," says BHOS teacher.

        Public Relations department of Baku Higher Oil School continues its project entitled “I am teaching at BHOS”. Associate professor of Chemical Engineering department Amir Reza Vakhshouri is answering interview questions.    


            – First question is a traditional one. Why have you chosen the teacher profession? 

            – Teaching is not just a profession; it is a vocation requiring creativity and aspiration. For a teacher, as for a representative of any other art, it is not enough just to know the subject; he or she must love their job. Many people in my family had the talent to be a teacher. My father was one of the leading and most famous teachers in Tabriz. He dedicated more than 50 years to this profession and, as I can tell, he liked his job more and more over the years. As for me, I started dreaming of becoming a teacher to follow his example.


             – Please tell about yourself. How did you start your professional career?

             – I was born to a family of intellectuals. I received my secondary education in Tabriz and graduated from the school with excellent marks. In 1993, I entered Tabriz University to study applied chemistry. In 1998, I graduated from the university with distinction, received my Bachelor degree and started my professional career as a head of Quality Control department at a private firm. My career was successful, but this was not enough for me. I was very much interested in science, so I decided to continue my education. In 2001, I was admitted at Tabriz Azad University to pursue Master degree in applied chemistry. At the same time I continued my work; I liked to have an opportunity to gain theoretical knowledge and practical experience at once.


              In 2003, I received my Master degree. I was the best among other students and graduated with honors. Then I decided to obtain Ph.D. degree, but I had to overcome many difficulties to achieve this goal. In 2006 I started to work for a well-known holding company in Baku. One of the conditions of my joining the company was opportunity to continue my education. Thus, in January 2007, I became a postgraduate student at the Institution of Petrochemical Processes of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan. I obtained my Ph.D. in Chemistry and Polymers in 2013. Since 2016, I have been a teacher at BHOS.


               – Every student has his or her favorite teacher. Who was your favorite teacher?

               – I am indebted to all teachers in my life, from my schoolteachers to professors of my postgraduate studies, for everything I have achieved in my profession and scientific work. I always tried to take the best from them. My favorite teachers were those who not only provided me with knowledge, but also taught me how to live. Among them I can name my father who was my first mentor and academician Akif Azizov who help me to grow as a scientist.    


               – Please tell us about your students. Who are they? How do you see their future?

               – I can tell than they are the most intelligent and talented students. However, they shall realize that, despite their profound knowledge, they have little practical experience. Our students receive excellent education, which is up to international standards. This education alongside their intellect can guarantee their success in the future, and our first graduates are the best example of this.


               – How do you envision the Baku Higher Oil School in ten years?

               – Although BHOS has relatively short history, in five years it became the best among national higher educational institutions. This became possible thanks to right policy and strategy carried out by the Higher School management. I think that, in addition to opening Master program, BHOS will also enhance research and scientific work. For this purpose, we established long-term cooperation with leading research and scientific centers. I believe that in ten years, rapid development of the Baku Higher Oil School will make it one of the 200 best universities in the world.


               – What do you do in your leisure time?

               – I have very little free time, but I try to spend with my son and my family every minute, when I can. I also like music and play tar.


               – What would you wish the first graduates of the Baku Higher Oil School?

               – I happy to see achievements of my students, as I see them as my own success. Maybe, not all of them realize that they are very lucky. However, they must remember that it is the Baku Higher Oil School, which gave them excellent education and opportunity to get practical experience and jobs at the largest international companies. Our students shall always remember their alma mater and be proud of being BHOS graduates.