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"Baku Higher Oil School turned a new page in our lives", say BHOS graduates starting to work at STAR

               Twenty five graduates of Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) start their professional career at STAR Refinery facilities of SOCAR Turkey company. Before setting out on a trip, they were asked to share their thoughts about their study at BHOS and tell what the Higher School gave them.



                Aygul Karimova:

                “Baku Higher Oil turned a new page in my life. I wanted to be an engineer since early childhood. If the Higher School were not established, I most probably would have chosen another profession, far from my desired field of study. I am happy that I could receive engineering education at BHOS. At the same time, I obtained more than the profession. Studies at BHOS taught me to be strong, put both feet on the floor and live up to my goals, not dreams. I will always remember my Alma Mater where I found so many good friends. And I am very happy to be one of the very first BHOS graduates!”




                                                                                                            Eldar Huseynli:

                “When I was an upper-form pupil at school and was preparing for entrance exams, my biggest dream was to become a student of one of the best national higher educational institutions. I selected the Baku Higher Oil School and here my dreams came true. I can confidently say that there is no other such institution in the whole region. The Higher School helped me to find my own identity and fully develop my potential. Our competent and attentive teachers played very important role in helping us achieve our objectives. Only the Baku Higher Oil School provides such favorable conditions for undergraduates’ study and development. BHOS management always paid close attention to the students’ needs and problems, provided support to our initiatives and projects, took steps to raise the students’ interest in scientific and research activities and arranged their paid internship and on-the-job training at large international companies. In addition, the curriculum based on international academic programs and study in English language made us specialists whose qualification meets highest international standards.”



                 Aynaz Mirzazadah:

                “Five years of my studying at BHOS have significantly contributed to my personal and social education and helped me to broaden my mind, shape my worldview and better understand our national values, and love our culture and history even more. I will always remember one Novruz Bayram celebration at BHOS, when I was first-year student. I participated in and won a musical competition entitled “Hamse”. It was such unforgettable moment! I am also very grateful to the Higher School for many good friends I met here. Doing technical subjects was not an easy task for me, and I am very obliged to my friends for their support and help in my studies. I am proud to be one of the first graduates of the Baku Higher Oil School, which is one of the best higher educational institutions in Azerbaijan now and, I believe, will be among the best ones in the world in the future.”



                   Adil Babayev:

                 “Five years of study at Baku Higher Oil School gave me an opportunity to master a profession of Chemical Engineer including but not limited to theoretical and practical knowledge and skills. I found there many true friends and actively participated in various social initiatives, so BHOS played a big role in developing my potential. I am also very grateful to all professors and teachers who not only taught us various technical subjects. They were always ready to answer our questions and help us better understand all aspects of engineering disciplines. I also would like to thank BHOS management for arranging visits of public figures, famous artists, foreign guests and other interesting people to the Higher School. These meetings were very helpful for our professional growth, future career and development of our personalities.”