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Why prospective students earning 700 points at exams in the first group of specialties choose Baku Higher Oil School

      The State Examination Center of Azerbaijan announced results of the entrance exams to national higher educational institutions for 2017/2018 academic year. Seven prospective students earned the highest score at the exams on the 1st group of specialities. Most of them have chosen to study at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS): six prospective students earning 700 points selected BHOS. The Higher School’s Public Relations department asked them to tell about the reasons behind their choice.



         Gabil Aliyev (Baku Turkish Lyceum):

         “BHOS is one of very few universities which provide their students with excellent conditions and opportunities to receive best-quality education. I have chosen to study Process Automation Engineering, as this is profession of the future, and I am interested in it. These are the reasons why I selected Baku Higher Oil School.”


          Khalida Aliyeva (school №220, Baku):

         “Physics was my favorite subject at school, and this was the main reason why I selected first group of specialties. At first, I heard about BHOS for a friend of mine at the school; then I learned that many of my friends wanted to study at BHOS, so I also became interested in studying there. I believe that the Higher School can give me everything I need for my education, and the profession I have chosen is very much tied with physics.”


          Vahab Jebrayilov (secondary school of Lahij village, Ismayilli district):

         “I always wanted to become a student of Baku Higher Oil School, so I have chosen BHOS long before the entrance exams. Within a short period of time, BHOS managed to take a special place among other higher educational institutions in Azerbaijan. As for the profession of Process Automation Engineer, I have chosen it because I am interested in computer technologies and robotic science. My goal is to become an excellent specialist and be well known not only in Azerbaijan, but also in other countries.”


          Mahira Asadzadah (school №162, Baku):

         “The Higher School provides great opportunities to students, and BHOS graduates are highly skilled specialists. I believe that studying at BHOS is the best option for me. I also think that other prospective students with high points will select this higher educational institution, too.”  


          Elmir Akhmedov (Lyceum named after Academician Zarifa Aliyeva):

          “In my view, there is no need to explain that process automation engineering is a prospective profession in the time of modern advanced technologies, and I would like to make a contribution towards economic development of Azerbaijan. Why did I choose the Higher School? I did so because BHOS compares favorably with other higher educational institutions in providing very good opportunities for obtaining best quality technical education and building successful career afterwards.”


          Abdulla Askerzadeh (Istek Lyceum, Gandja):

         “I decided to obtain my higher education at BHOS, when I was tenth-grade schoolboy. At that time, I already knew that I would choose the first group of specialities. BHOS is one of the most prestigious higher educational institutions in Azerbaijan. As far as I know, the teaching and learning process there is arranged in accordance with high international standards. I like technology and science, especially physics and mathematics, so I have chosen the Process Automation Engineering faculty to gain profound knowledge in this field.”